Seminars And Journal Club

Astrophysics SEMINARS

All seminars are on Wednesdays, beginning at 3 p.m. in room 1004, Blackett Laboratory, and followed by refreshments and discussion at 4 p.m..



Oct 5

Eric Feigelson (Penn State)

Astrostatistics: The role of statistics in astronomical research


Oct 12

Michael Burgess (KTH Stockholm)

Exploring Gamma-ray Bursts via the Bayesian Paradigm


Oct 19

Nick Kaiser (IfA, University of Hawaii)

Gravitational Redshifts in Clusters of Galaxies


Oct 26

Heather Campbell (University of Surrey)

How SNe Ia host galaxy properties affect cosmological parameters and Gaia Science Alerts


Nov 2

Sarah Rugheimer (University of St. Andrews)

Impact of UV on Characterizing Pale Blue Dots around Other Stars


Nov 9

Anne Green (University of Nottingham)

Probing the astrophysics and particle physics of WIMPs with direct detection experiments


Nov 16

Matthew Auger (IoA, University of Cambridge)

The Evolution of Dark and Stellar Mass in Massive Stellar Galaxies


Nov 23

Mark Sullivan (University of Southampton)

The transient universe: Cosmic explosions and dark energy 


Nov 30

Steve Longmore (Liverpool John Moores University)

The Galactic Centre: A template for understanding star formation and feedback in a high-pressure environment


Dec 7

Piero Madau (University of California Santa Cruz)

The Dark and Light Side of Galaxy Formation


Dec 14

Matt Browning (University of Exeter)

Magnetism, Buoyancy and Dissipation in Convective Stars and Planets





Jan 18

Thomas Bisbas (MPE Garching)

The Effect of Cosmic Rays on the Observability of H2 Gas in the Universe


Jan 25

Tom Haworth (Imperial College London)

Multiphysics Modelling in Astronomy


Feb 1



Feb 8

Suman Majumdar (Imperial College London)

Various Estimators of the Redshifted 21-cm Signal from the Epoch of Reionisation


Feb 15

Julie Wardlow (University of Durham)

Unveiling Extreme Dusty Star Formation at z > 2


Feb 22



Mar 1

Jan Forbrich (University of Hertfordshire)

The Orion Radio All-Stars: New Perspectives in Stellar Radio Astronomy


Mar 8

Stephen Wilkins (University of Sussex)

Observations and Simulations of the Epoch of Reionisation 


Mar 15

Aaron Vincent (Imperial College London)

Dark Matter in the Sun


Mar 22

Carole Mundell (University of Bath)

Black Hole Driven Explosions and the Dynamic Universe





May 3

Farzana Meru (Univ. of Cambridge)

The Role of Self-Gravitating Discs in Planet Formation: Recent Developments from Theory and Observations


May 10

Lewis Dartnell (Univ. of Westminster)

Martian Death Rays: Cosmic Radiation and the Search for Life on Mars 


May 17

Prof. Raul Jimenez (Univ. of Barcelona)

Our (current) understanding of the Universe


May 24

Andrew Pontzen (University College London)

A New Approach to Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation and Large Scale Structure


May 31

Aline Vidotto (Trinity College Dublin)

Stellar Magnetic Activity and Their Effects on Planets (and vice-versa)


Jun 7

Prof. Sarah Bridle (University of Manchester)

From Astrophysics to Agriculture


Jun 14

Prof. Peter Coles (Cardiff University)

Cosmological Wave Mechanics


Jun 21

Dimitra Rigopoulou (University of Oxford)

The Interstellar Medium of Galaxies Near and Far: New Clues for Galaxy Evolution


Jun 28

James Owen (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

Clues as to How the Kepler Planets Formed 

Seminar organiser: Dr Subu Mohanty (s.mohanty AT


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Joint seminars with HEP and Theory are held every second Friday at 1pm.  More details here.


Astro group 3-PAC organiser: Pat Scott


Journal Club

Journal club begins at 1 pm on Mondays and takes place in room 1004, Blackett Laboratory. Please feel free to bring along your lunch. Hot beverages and biscuits will be available (please bring your own mug).


Journal club organiser: Prof Steve Warren