Dr Roberto Trotta

Reader in Astrophysics

r.trotta@ null imperial.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 7793
Fax: +44 (0)20 759 47772
Room 1009, Level 10
Imperial College London, Astrophysics, Blackett Laboratory, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2AZ, UK

Invited plenary talks and colloquia

  • Bayesian Hierarchical Models in Cosmology, keynote talk, COSMO21, Chania, May 2016
  • Recent Advances in Model Likelihoods in Cosmology, invited talk, CRiSM Estimating Constants Workshop, Warwick, Apr 2016 
  • Dark Matter review, Unsolved problems in astrophysics and cosmology meeting, Budapest, June 2014.
  • Statistical challenges in astroparticle physics and cosmology, KITP Director's Blackboard talk, Santa Barbara, June 2013.
  • Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Supernovae Type Ia, SAMSI Astrostatistics workshop, Research Triangle Park, Sept 2012
  • Recent advances in cosmological Bayesian model selection, MaxEnt2012, Munich, July 2012.
  • Dogs, non-dogs and statistics: Bayesian searches in cosmology, Progress in Statistical Issues in Searches, SLAC, June 2012
  • Bayesian Methods for Supernova Type Ia Cosmology, Astronomical Data Analysis 7, Corsica, May 2012.
  • Recent advances in Bayesian inference in cosmology and astroparticle physics thanks to the MultiNest algorithm, ISI World Congress, Dublin, Aug 2011.
  • Cosmological Bayesian model selection: recent advances and open challenges, SCMA V, State College, June 2011. 
  • Recent advances in Bayesian cosmological model building, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique, EPFL Lausanne, Nov 2010. Queen's University, Belfast, Dec 2010, AIMS colloquium, Cape Town, March 2011, Joint Workshop and Summer School on Astrostatistics and Data Mining, La Palma, May 2011.
  • Which statistical approach to SUSY phenomenology? PROSPECT OKC workshop, Stockholm, Sept 2010.
  • Prospects for DM detection from global fits of supersymmetry parameter space, TeV Particle Astrophysics meeting, Paris, July 2010. 
  • Summary talk: a cosmologist's perspective, Banff BIRS Discovery Workshop, July 2010.
  • Detecting and characterizing dark matter using astrophysical probes. Royal Holloway, London, Oct 2009.
  • Recent developments in building (and doubting) the cosmological concordance model. Centre for Dynamical Processes and Structure Formation, Uppsala University, Sweden, Sept 2009.
  • Building (and doubting) the cosmological concordance model. Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste, Trieste, June 2009.
  • How big is the Universe? Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Milan, May 2009; Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Holmbury St. Mary, UK, June 2009.
  • Recent advances in Bayesian methods in cosmology. National astronomy meeting, Hatfield, UK, Apr 2009.
  • Statistical inference methods for SUSY phenomenology Invited review talk, Ilias/Entapp meeting, CERN, Geneva, Feb 2009.

  • Nested sampling for supersymmetry phenomenology. Nested sampling workshop, Cambridge, UK, Sept 2008.
  • Astrophysical probes of dark matter (in the CMSSM). Case Western Reserve University, Michelson Lectures May 2008
  • Probing dark energy with cosmology. Case Western Reserve University, Michelson Lectures May 2008
  • Bayes in the sky - advanced statistical tools for cosmology. Case Western Reserve University, Michelson Lectures May 2008
  • Precision Cosmology for the 21st century. Case Western Reserve University, Michelson Lectures May 2008
  • Statistical Tools for Cosmology (and beyond). CosmoTools08, Mareseille, France, April 2008
  • Recent advances in Bayesian methods for high energy physics and astroparticle physics. XXVI Workshop on recenr devlopments in high energy physics and cosmology, Ancient Olympia, Greece, April 2008.
  • Bayes in the sky - statistical challenges in cosmology ESF exploratory workshop, Oporto, Portugal, March 2008.
  • Why anthropic reasoning cannot predict Lambda. Initial Conditions in Cosmology workshop, Wurzburg, Germany, Sept 2007.
  • Statistical challenges in cosmology Royal Statistical Society, Oxford Group, Oxford, May 2007. Cavendish Lab Astrophysics Seminars, Cambridge, May 2007.
  • What's the trouble with the anthropic principle? Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2007
  • From parameters to inference. The case of the CMSSM. CERN dark matter workshop, March 2007
  • Neutrino properties from cosmology. RAS A&G Meeting, Nov 2006
  • Prospects for direct DM detection in the CMSSM. IDM Conference 2006, Rhodes, Greece, Sept 2006
  • Bayesian techniques for cosmological model building. 11th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Berlin, July 2006
  • Why anthropic reasoning cannot predict Lambda. The Dark Side of the Universe Workshop, Madrid, June 2006
  • Which probability theory for cosmology? Bayesian methods in cosmology, University of Sussex, June 2006
  • Cosmology from Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropies. Review talk for the 2005 Workshop on Recent Advances in Particle Physics and Cosmology of the Hellenic Society for the Study of High Energy Physics, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 2005
  • Bayesian methods in data analysis. Sils Maria Cosmology Workshop, Engadin, Switzerland, April 2005
  • Cosmic Microwave Background and Parameter Extraction. ENTApP meeting at CERN, February 2005.
  • The Cosmic Microwave Background Explained in Less Equations Than Multipoles.
  • Cosmological parameters: status and prospect. ATLAS Collaboration Physics Tutorial, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2003
  • Probing the paradigm of adiabaticity for cosmological perturbations. X Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, July 2003
  • Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies Primer. Sils Maria Cosmology Workshop, Engadin, Switzerland, March 2003



  • Multi-Probe Identification of Dark Matter, Kavli Institute, Santa Barbara, Apr-June 2013. Main coordinator, with Gianfranco Bertone, Dan Hooper and Stefano Profumo. 
  • CosmoStats13, Banff, March 2013. Main organizer. 
  • Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology (ICIC) inaugural workshop, SOC member, London, Aug 2012. 
  • DarkAttack! July 15th-20th 2012, Ascona, Switzerland. Main organizer, with Gianfranco Bertone, Filip Moortgat and Laura Baudis.
  • Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion meeting, "Novel methods for the exploitation of large astronomical and cosmological data sets", London, Nov 2010, co-organizer with Andrew Jaffe.
  • National Astronomy Meeting (UK) 2011, SOC member. 
  • Half-day joint HEP-APP IOP meeting on SUSY, Imperial College London, Co-organizer with Oliver Buchmuller (HEP, Imperial), March 2010. 
  • Astrostatistics mini-meeting, Imperial College London, Co-organizer with David Hand (Maths, Imperial), Dec 2009. 
  • Workshop Cosmostats09: Statistical Challenges in Cosmology Scientific steering committee, with Uros Seljak and Martin Kunz. Ascona, Switzerland, July 2009.
  • Workshop Uses and abuses of the Bayesian evidence. Co-organiser with Andrew Liddle and George Efstathiou, June 2008, Brighton.
  • RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting Statistical Challenges in Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology. Co-organiser with Joe Silk, October 2007, London.



  • 2016: CRiSM Estimating Constants Workshop, Warwick. COSMO21 Conference, Chania. 
  • 2015: BASP Frontiers Workshop, Villars. Fermi Collaboration meeting, Stanford. Accurate Astrophyiscs, Correct Cosmology, London. INSAPIX, London 
  • 2014: MCMSki IV, Chamonix, France. Big Data Analytics conference, London. Unsolved problems in astrophysics and cosmology, Budapest.
  • 2013: 59th ISI World Statistics Congress, Hong Kong. KIPT Programme: Hunting for Dark Matter, Santa Barbara. Indentifying and characterizing Dark Matter using multiple probes, KITP Santa Barbara. CosmoStat2013: Statistical challenges from large data sets in cosmology and particle physics, Banff BIRS.
  • 2012: Astronomical data analysis 7, Cargese. Progress in Statistical Issues in Searches, SLAC, Stanford. DarkAttack2012, Ascona. MaxEnt2012, Munich, SAMSI astrostatistics Workshop.
  • 2011: Direct and Indirect detection of dark matter, Aspen. Joint Workshop and Summer School on Astrostatistics and Data Mining, La Palma. Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy V, State College. 58th International Statistical Institute World Meeting, Dublin. IOP Dark Matter meeting, King's College, London. Galprop workshop, Stanford.
  • 2010: BIRS Discovery Workshop, Banff, Canada. Euclid Consortium meeting, Paris. TeV Particle Astrophysics meeting, Paris. PROSPECT OKC workshop, Stockholm. Dark Matter in the sky and underground workshop, Zurich, Switzerland. 
  • 2009: Corfu Summer Institute, Greece. Cosmostats09, Ascona, Switzerland. National Astronomy Meeting, Hatfield, UK. Dark energy conference, GGI, Florence, Italy.
  • 2008: Nested sampling workshop, Cambridge, UK. Tools08 Meeting, MPI Munich, Germany. Bayesian evidence workshop, University of Sussex. CosmoTools08, Mareseille, France. XXVI Workshop on recent devlopments in high energy physics and cosmology, Ancient Olympia, Greece. ESF Exploratory worskshop, Porto. MCMSki - recent advances in Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods. International Society for Bayesian Analysis meeting, Bormio, Italy.
  • 2007: Initial Conditions in Cosmology workshop, Wurzburg, Germany. TeV Particle Astrophysics 2007, Venice, Italy CERN dark matter workshop, Geneva
  • 2006: RAS, Young Astronomers Meeting, London. RAS A&G Meeting, London. Galileo Galilei Institute Cosmology Workshop, Florence. Recent Advances in Monte Carlo Based Inference, Cambridge, UK. Identification of Dark Matter 2006 Conference, Rhodes, Greece. TeV Particle Astrophysics II, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. 11th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Berlin. The Dark Side of the Universe Workshop, Madrid, Spain. Bayesian methods in cosmology, University of Sussex, UK. Cosmo UK 2006, Oxford. Astroparticle UK 2006, Sheffield, UK. Francesco Melchiorri Memorial Conference, Rome. Cosmology, Galaxy Formation and Astroparticle Physics on the pathway to the SKA, Oxford, UK. National Astronomy Meeting, Leicester, UK
  • 2005: European Dark Energy Network Meeting, Paris. Probing the dark Universe with Subaru and Gemini, Waikoloa, Hawaii Big Island, USA. PhysStat 05, Oxford, UK. Dark Energy Workshop, Portsmouth, UK. Workshop on Recent Advances in Particle Physics and Cosmology Thessaloniki, Greece. Sils Maria Cosmology Workshop, Engadin, Switzerland.
  • 2004: 225th IAU Symposium on Gravitational Lensing, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • 2003: From first light to the Milky Way, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. X Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. CAPP 2003, CERN, Geneva. Pisa Week on Large Scale Structure and CMB, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy. Sils Maria Cosmology Workshop, Engadin, Switzerland. Second CMBNet Workshop on Science and Parameter Extraction, Oxford, UK.
  • 2002: Varying Fundamental Constants Workshop, Jenam 2002 Conference, Oporto, Portugal. Santa Fe Summer Cosmology Workshop, Santa Fe, NM, USA. XXXVIIth Rencontres de Moriond, Les Arcs, Savoie, France.
  • 2001: 2nd CMBNet General Meeting, Frascati, Italy. Joint BSM-Cosmology Meeting, Ambleside, UK.