Dr Roberto Trotta

Reader in Astrophysics

r.trotta@ null imperial.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 7793
Fax: +44 (0)20 759 47772
Room 1009, Level 10
Imperial College London, Astrophysics, Blackett Laboratory, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2AZ, UK

I am interested in links between art and science, as two different and complementary ways of experiencing beauty in Nature and in the human mind.


How can we experience science artistically? How can science benefit from the creativity that often finds it purest expression in the arts? To investigate some of those questions and to start to give a personal answer to them, I am working with artists, architects, designers, writers and filmmakers to develop a common language that will break across barriers of discipline.


I had the pleasure to be involved as scientific advisor in the making of a short, sponsored movie on... cosmology and love. It does sound an unlikely mix, but if you think about it, love is all-pervasive in the Universe, just as dark matter and dark energy are. This is The Theory of Everything. But judge for yourselves: 













I have been collaborating with designer Vanessa Harden on a project called Urban Sputnik, to create a series of installations inspired by cosmological ideas that will try and communicate in an aesthetic way abstract concepts from cosmology and astrophysics thanks to the use of poetic metaphors. 


I took part in a podcast created by Adam Smith exploring how we can use hearing to experience the cosmos in a completely new dimension.


I am working with visual artist Ole Hagen in an exploration of the relationship between visual thinking and the problem of invisibility in non-classical cosmology. We are interested in asking the question of whether and how we can still use visual language derived from sensory perception to describe cosmological and astrophysical phenomena that are beyond direct observation, such as for example the Big Bang, black holes or the curvature of spacetime. 



I was part of Beyond Entropy, a research cluster coordinated by the Architectural Association. Beyond Entropy aims at creating novel convergenes beteween scientists, architects and artists, and to develop a research programme around the theme of energy in all its different forms.


Our piece has been exhibited at the Venice Architectural Biennale in Aug 2010, at the Architectural Association in London in May 2011 and appeared in Nature in May 2011. 



Check out the blog detailing the proceedings of our research on Potential Energy, and here is a video of a lecture I gave at the AA on Nov 3rd 2009.