Missions and Facilities



A deep, extragalactic survey from X-ray to radio wavelengths.


Launched in May 2009, Herschel has the largest mirror ever launched on an astronomical telescope


The next generation space X-ray telescope, currently being planned by ESA, JAXA and NASA


Launched on the same rocket as Herschel, Planck is surveying the entire sky to examine fluctuations in the microwave background left behind by the Big Bang


A joint Japanese-ESA project currently in the planning stage


The largest legacy survey using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope


The largest existing survey of the sky at near-infrared (0.9-2.3 micron) wavelengths


Searching for mysterious dark matter particles in a salt mine in Yorkshire



IPHAS and VPHAS+ are imaging the Northern (IPHAS) and Southern (VPHAS+) Milky Way in visible light and Hα down to >20th magnitude.