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Data Products for Chandra Surveys

The reduced data from various Chandra X-ray surveys are available for download below. The data products include event files, images, exposure maps, sensitivity maps, background maps, area curves and source lists for each of the Chandra surveys listed below. The reduction of the observations follows the steps described in Laird et al. 2009. The sensitivity and background maps are constructed following the methodology described in Georgakakis et al. 2008. Please see these papers and the corresponding README files listed below for explanations about the data products.


The source catalogues for ECDF-S, CDF-S and CDF-N include Bayesian estimates for the flux and the hardness ratio of individual sources as described in Laird et al. 2009. This information is not currently included in the source lists of the XBOOTES and EN1 surveys.


The reduced data and the source catalogues for the Chandra survey of the Extended Groth Strip (AEGIS) can be found on the AEGIS-X webpage.


If you find these data useful for your research please acknowledge Laird et al. 2009 for the data reduction and the construction of the source catalogue and Georgakakis et al. 2008 for the sensitivity maps.














Field Data products File size Source catalogue README
2Ms CDF-North cdfn2Ms.tar   236 MB cdfn2Ms_srclist.tar 2Ms_CDFN_README.txt
2Ms CDF-South cdfs2Ms.tar   253 MB cdfs2Ms_srclist.tar 2Ms_CDFS_README.txt
1Ms CDF-South
(1st Ms)
cdfs1Ms.tar   174 MB cdfs1Ms_srclist.tar 1Ms_CDFS_README.txt
Extended CDF-South ecdfs.tar   281 MB ecdfs_srclist.tar E_CDFS_README.txt
ELAIS-N1 en1.tar   1.7 GB en1_srclist.tar EN1_README.txt
XBOOTES bootes.tar   7.1 GB bootes_srclist.tar XBOOTES_README.txt


Paul Nandra

Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Elise Laird

PhD Students:

Shyam Bhayani

Jonathan Digby-North

Cyprian Rangel


James Aird (2008)

- Postdoctoral Research Associate

- University of California

Murray Brightman

Antonis Georgakakis (2008)

- Researcher

- National Athens Observatory

Anna Lia Longinotti

- Postdoctoral Research Associate

- MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space

Ivan Valtchanov

- Instrument and Calibration Scientist


Paul O'Neill