Source Catalogues

Data release 2 catalogues

(A) X-ray catalogue

The AEGIS-X point source catalogue from the most recent reduction and analysis (version 2) of all the A06 and A03 Chandra data in the EGS is now available. This catalogue supercedes an earlier version (v1.1) released as part of the August 2007 general EGS data release by the AEGIS collaboration. The DR2 catalogue is the full version of the catalogues presented in Laird et al. 2009. Please see this paper and the corresponding README file for explanations about the catalogue entries and values.


The catalogue is provided for use by any interested party; please acknowledge the data and catalogue paper in any published work.


The AEGIS-X Chandra images and exposure maps are also available here.

Note: Source catalogues (as well as the reduced data) are also available for other Chandra survey fields (CDF-N, CDF-S, ECDF-S, ELAIS-N1 and XBOOTES) here.


(B) Optical and Infra-red IDs of X-ray point sources

A catalogue of the optical (DEEP2 and CFHTLS) and infrared (IRAC 3.6 micron) counterparts to the Chandra AEGIS-X point sources is also available. Laird et al. 2009 describes the method used to identify counterparts to the AEGIS-X sources. Please read the corresponding README file before using this catalogue.


Older catalogues

Data release 1 (DR1)

Catalogues from the AEGIS collaboration August 2007 data release.



AO3 Groth Westphal-Strip catalogue

The source catalogue from the AO-3 Chandra observation, published by Nandra et al. 2005 is available below. If you would like further details or are interested in collaborating with us please email the PI, Paul Nandra.