Seminars Archive - 2012


All seminars begin at 2.30pm in room 1004, Blackett Laboratory, unless otherwise indicated below, and are followed by refreshments and discussion.


Wednesday, May 2

Rhodri Evans (Cardiff University)

"Astonomy from a Boeing 747: why and how"


Wednesday, May 9

Luca Fossati (Open University)

"HST observations of the transiting exoplanet WASP-12b: deepening into a complex system"


Wednesday, May 23

Chiara Arina (Aachen University)

"Dark Matter direct detection and Bayesian statistics"


Wednesday, May 30

Chris Carilli (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)

"A molecular deep field"


Wednesday, June 6

Michael Rowan-Robinson (Imperial College)

"Interstellar dust in the inner solar system" 


Wednesday, June 20 

Elisabetta Valianted (University of Cardiff)

"Submillimetre observations of galaxy evolution"


Wednesday, June 27

Roberto Maiolino (University of Cambridge)

"The evolution of the metals and dust content in galaxies throughout the cosmic epochs"


Seminar organiser: Dr Daniel Mortlock (d.mortlock AT



All seminars begin at 12 noon in the Theoretical Physics seminar room, Room 503, Huxey Building, unless otherwise indicated below. 


4th May

Anne Green (Nottingham)

"The Search for Dark Matter"


18th May

Dipak Munshi (Cardiff)

"Statistical Properties of Thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Maps"


25th May

Michelle Knights (Cape Town)

"Towards the Future of Supernova Cosmology"


8th June

Robert Crittenden (Portsmouth)

"Fables of Reconstruction: Controlling Bias in the Dark Energy Equation of State"

15th June

Lloyd Knox (UC Davis, California)

Title TBA


Seminar organisers: Laura Watson (l.watson09 AT and Caroline Clark (caroline.clark05 AT