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From Cosmology to Customers: Astrostatistics solutions to Big Data problems


On invitation only. 


From financial transaction records to customer spending behaviour, from online social networks to GPS tracking, "Big Data" present big opportunities for business - but handling the data, mining it, and understanding its patterns (or anomalies) presents unique statistical and computational challenges.


Advanced statistical techniques developed in astrophysics -- where Big Data have been the norm for over two decades now -- have the potential to provide innovative, efficient and creative solutions to complex, data-driven problems normally thought of as intractable. The Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology is leading this research effort world-wide. It is now time for research innovations in astrophysics to be applied to real-world problems.


This event will bring together businesses and Imperial academics to discuss real-world data challenges and how astrostatistics could help meeting them, potentially leading to new collaborations and partnerships. This small-scale workshop is designed to provide a conducive environment for industry-academia networking and for the exchange of ideas. 


For further information and full programe, visit the workshop page.  

14 May 2014
2-5pm, Drinks reception to follow.

Imperial College London, 58 Prince's Gate, London

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