Seminars Archive - 2010


All seminars begin at 2.30pm in room 1004, Blackett Laboratory, unless otherwise indicated below, and are followed by refreshments and discussion.

Apr 28

Prof Hagai Netzer (Tel-Aviv University)

"Co-evolution of active and star-forming galaxies from z=2 to z=0"


May 5

Dr Sugata Kaviraj (Imperial)

"The evolution of early-type galaxies: the last 8 billion years"


May 12

Prof Simon Driver (University of St Andrews)

"Galaxy and Mass Assembly"


May 19

Dr Vivienne Wild (Institut d'astrophysique de Paris)

"Timing the starburst-AGN connection"


May 26

Dr Susan Whitfield (British Museum)

"The world’s earliest manuscript star chart: a Silk Road mystery"


June 2

Dr Dave Clements (Imperial)

"Herschel and Herschel surveys"


June 9

Dr Mark Westmoquette (University College London)

"Spatially-resolved studies of super star cluster feedback in starburst galaxies"


June 16

Prof Mike Edmunds (Cardiff University)

"The Antikythera mechanism"


June 23 (2pm start)

Prof Michael Rowan-Robinson (Imperial)

"Cold dust and young starbursts: models for SEDs of Herschel galaxies"


June 30 (4pm start)

Shyam Bhayani, Variability spectra of local Seyfert galaxies

Jude Bowyer, CMB B-modes and inflation

Jonathan Digby-North, X-ray selected AGN at z~1: The colour-magnitude diagram


6th October

Dr Stefano Andreon (Osservatorio di Brera)

"Cluster scaling relation and baryon fraction"


13th October

Dr Elaine Winston (Exeter)

"Near-ir and X-ray observations of the Serpens cloud"


20th October

Dr Jo Dunkley (Oxford)

"The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: results from the 2008 survey"


27th October

Prof Tom Shanks (Durham)

"Problems for the standard cosmology"


3rd November

Dr Karen Masters (Portsmouth)

"The enigma of red spirals"


Thursday 4th November 11am Blackett 741

Dr Carsten Weidner (St Andrews)

"The integrated galactic IMF - from star clusters to galaxies"


10th November

Dr Claudia Maraston (Portsmouth)

"Stellar population models and clues on galaxy evolution"


17th November

Dr Aline Vidotto (St Andrews)

"The Influence of the Stellar Wind on the Magnetospheres of Close-in Giant Planets"


24th November

Dr Sami Dib (Imperial)

"Variations of the Stellar Initial Mass Function: Is it Physics or Random Sampling?"


1st December

Dr Suagta Kaviraj (Imperial)


15th December

Dr Roberto Mignani (MSSL) 

"Radio Pulsars and the Neutron Star Fraternity"

Seminar organiser: Prof. Stephen Warren


Journal club begins at 12 pm and takes place in room 1004, Blackett Laboratory. Please feel free to bring along your lunch. Hot beverages and biscuits will be available (please bring your own mug).


Journal club organiser: Dr Markos Trichas



All seminars begin at 1pm in the Theoretical Physics seminar room, Room 503, Huxey Building, unless otherwise indicated below.

January 22 - start time 12.00
Marc Lilley
"Coupled currents in cosmic strings"


February 5 - start time 12.00
Andrew Liddle
"Dark Sector Unification"


February 12 - start time 12.00
Bernd Schroers
"Galilean quantum gravity in 2+1 dimensions"


February 19 - start time 12.00
Antonios Papazoglou

"Horava-Lifshitz Gravity"


February 22 - start time 13.00
Furqaan Yusaf

"MOND and TeVeS Modified Gravity: Testing the Theories"


February 26 - start time 12.00
Laila Alabidi
"Single Field Models of Inflation after WMAP 7"


March 5 - start time 12.00
Bob Nichol
"SDSS: Supernova, wiggles and more"


March 12 - start time 12.00
Marco Bruni
"Dark Side Dynamics: UDM models with fast transition"


March 15 - start time 13.00

Leonid Grishchuk

"Relic Gravitational Waves in the Light of Latest CMB Observations"


March 19 - start time 12.00
Subir Sarkar
"The PAMELA anomaly: new physics or old astrophysics?"


March 26 - start time 12.00
HongSheng Zhao
 "Universal scale for baryons at Maximum Halo Gravity"


May 7 - start time 12.00

Martin Hendry
"De-lensing Gravitational Wave Standard Sirens"


May 17 - start time 13.00
Wen Zhao

"Quantum Yang-Mills Condensate Dark Energy Models"


May 21 - start time 12.00
Angela Olinto
"The highest energy cosmic particles"


May 28 - start time 12.00
Shaun Thomas
"The new MegaZ: Photometric galaxy clustering, neutrino masses and signs of
new physics?"


June 4 - start time 12.00
Anupam Mazumdar
"Origin for creating matter and perturbations in the Universe"


June 11 - start time 12.00
Hiranya Peiris
"Fingerprints of the Early Universe"


June 18 - start time 12.00
Anders Tranberg
"Cold Electroweak Baryogenesis from Standard Model CP-violation"


June 25 - start time 12.00
Roger Clowes
"The largest features of the early universe: a re-examination of the
Clowes & Campusano Large Quasar Group with the SDSS"


July 2 - start time 13.00
Shaun Hotchkiss
"Primordial Features and Non-Gaussianities"


July 9 - start time 13.00
Larissa Lorenz
"Stochastic Inflation in Compact Extra Dimensions"


July 16 - start time 12.00
Christophe Pichon
"The skeleton: connecting galaxy formation to large scale structures."


Seminar organisers: Jude Bowyer and Johannes Noller