Seminars Archive - 2009


All seminars begin at 2.30pm in room 1004, Blackett Laboratory, unless otherwise indicated below, and are followed by refreshments and discussion.

October 7 - start time 2pm
Dr HongSheng Zhao (St Andrews)
"Cold dark matter: Some likes it hot sometimes"


October 14
Professor Chris Done (Durham)
"Black hole accretion flows"


October 21
Dr Johannes Knapp (Leeds)
"Ultra high energy cosmic rays and results from the Pierre Auger Observatory"


October 28
Professor Hume Feldman (Kansas)
"Cosmic flows on 100 Mpc scales"


November 4
Dr Ilian Iliev (Sussex)
"Simulating early cosmic structures and the epoch of reionization"




November 18
Dr Daniel Thomas (Portsmouth)
"AGN feedback and galaxy formation"


November 25
Professor Isobel Hook (Oxford)
"The European Extremely Large Telescope"


December 2
Dr Giovanna Tinetti (UCL)
"Observations and modelling of transiting planet atmospheres"


December 9
Dr Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial)
Title TBC


December 16
Doron Lemze (Tel Aviv)
"Multi-wavelength studies of galaxy clusters and their use as cosmological probes"

Seminar organiser: Prof. Stephen Warren


Journal club begins at 12 pm and takes place in room 1004, Blackett Laboratory. Please feel free to bring along your lunch. Hot beverages and biscuits will be available (please bring your own mug).


Journal club organiser: Dr Markos Trichas



All seminars begin at 1pm in the Theoretical Physics seminar room, Room 503, Huxey Building, unless otherwise indicated below.

October 2 - start time 13.00
Sébastien Renaux-Petel (Laboratoire APC Paris)
"Primordial non-Gaussianities from string theory: multifield inflation with non standard actions"


October 9 - start time 13.00

Professor Hume Feldman (Kansas)

"Nonlinear Effects in the Amplitude of Cosmological Density Fluctuations"


October 16 - start time 13.00

Dr Gustavo Niz (Nottingham)

"Can M-theory resolve the Big Crunch/Big Bang singularity?"


October 19 - start time 15.00

Professor Pisin Chen (Taiwan/Stanford)

"Cosmological Constant as a Manifestation of the Hierarchy"


October 23 - start time 13.00

Dr Jean-Luc Lehners (Princeton)

"Observing the Multifield Cyclic Universe"


October 30 - start time 13.00

Elisa Fenu (Geneva)

"Primordial magnetic fields and their gravitational waves production"


November 6 - start time 13.00

Dr Shuntaro Mizuno (Nottingham)

"Non-Gaussianity in multi-field DBI inflation"


November 9 - start time 15.00

Dr Giulia Gubitosi (Rome)

"Planck-scale induced birefringence and CMB polarization data"


November 13 - start time 13.00

Dr Kazuya Koyama (Portsmouth)

"Scale dependent bias from primordial non-Gaussianity"


November 20 - start time 13.00

Professor Peter Coles (Cardiff)

"Cosmic Anomalies"


November 27 - start time 13.00

Dr Marco Bruni (Portsmouth)



December 4 - start time 13.00

Dr Michael Bridges (Cambridge)



December 11 - start time 13.00

Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker (Cambridge)

"Cluster observations with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager"


December 16 - start time 13.00

Dr Federico Piazza (Perimeter Institute)

"Modifying gravity in the Infra Red by imposing an 'ultra-strong' equivalence principle"


Seminar organisers: Jude Bowyer and Johannes Noller