Chandra Data Products

Please note that the Chandra data procducts listed here can no longer be found on this page and have moved to the MPE High Energy Group and can be found on the following page


The reduced Chandra AEGIS-X data (AO3 and AO6) are publicly available for download as part of our data release - Data Release 2 (DR2, 01/05/2008). The data available includes the event files, images, exposure maps, sensitivity maps, background maps and area curves for each of the eight AEGIS-X pointings and is fully described in Laird et al. 2009. Please see this paper and the corresponding README files included in the tar files for explanations about the data reduction.


The data and catalogue are provided for use by any interested party; please acknowledge the data and catalogue paper (Laird et al. 2009) in any published work.


The corresponding X-ray point source catalogue and optical and infra-red counterparts catalogue can be retrieved from the source catalogues page.


Note: Source catalogues, reduced data and data products are also available for other Chandra survey fields (CDF-N, CDF-S etc) here. The Chandra ACIS-I PSF look-up table generated as part of this work, and described in Laird et al. 2009, is available here.

Retrieval Instructions:

The data products are available per AEGIS-X field (according to the diagram below), or for the whole survey. Please see the list at the bottom of the page. 


FieldAim pointFileFile size
EGS-1 14:22:41.73, +53:25:53.4 aegis-x_egs1_data.tar   94.3 MB
EGS-2 14:21:31.92, +53:13:42.9 aegis-x_egs2_data.tar 110.9 MB
EGS-3 14:20:27.07, +53:02:15.7 aegis-x_egs3_data.tar 111.4 MB
EGS-4 14:19:22.58, +52:50:44.3 aegis-x_egs4_data.tar 109.0 MB
EGS-5 14:18:21.72, +52:38:50.5 aegis-x_egs5_data.tar   89.7 MB
EGS-6 14:16:25.94, +52:19:52.4 aegis-x_egs6_data.tar   98.6 MB
EGS-7 14:15:23.94, +52:08:16.4 aegis-x_egs7_data.tar   96.1 MB
EGS-8 14:17:43.04, +52:28:25.2 aegis-x_egs8_data.tar   64.3 MB
All fields   aegis-x_data.tar 866.0 MB