Dr Alex Geringer-Sameth

Research Associate

a.geringer-sameth@ null imperial.ac.uk

Room 1003 C, Level 10
Imperial College London, Astrophysics, Blackett Laboratory, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2AZ, UK

I study the astroparticle physics of dark matter. The familiar particles of the Standard Model (quarks, leptons, neutrinos, etc) comprise only 15% of the matter in the universe. The rest is dark matter, whose presence has (so far) been inferred only through its gravitational interactions over cosmological scales. The microscopic nature of dark matter remains a fundamental mystery for particle physics and cosmology.


My research seeks to discover and characterize the particle physics of dark matter through astronomical observation. This includes ground and space-based gamma-ray observations of nearby dwarf spheroidal galaxies, dynamical modelling of the dark matter distribution in galaxies using spectroscopic data, and understanding the structure and composition of diffuse astrophysical backgrounds. Much of this work involves the development of new statistical techniques to extract information from large and noisy astronomical data sets.